GeoDrone® X4L Aerial Mapping Drone

Which is made in Finland GeoDrone X4L Aerial Mapping Drone, emerges as a model of a drone that is manufactured for professional use. The drone, which is a visualization tool for professional users measurement and mapping, is for orthophotos, terrain models, planning and agriculture fields.

That GeoDrone X4L drone can very easy install and run and is classified as performance class that shows the most perfect. Only 4 kg. weighing, the drone is very ultralight with carbon fiber body. When it full charged, can fly for a full 38 minutes which is very good. Flight is scheduled via computer or laptop. Make a stand hard and stabilized in all kinds of weather. GeoDrone X4L also has a feature for excellent performance and safe return home.

GeoDrone X4L Aerial Mapping Drone

It has a professional high resolution camera is shooting 24 Mp. and taking JPG photos and thermal images is able to receive, measure the volume lands and can receive an image of the total 50 hectares of land in a single flight. GeoDrone X4L has shot map ground resolution; 3.5 cm. per pixel.

At last words; it carries a very good design metal box and shoots excellent pictures and images for professional using.

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