How To: Make A Drone (Quadcopter)

Do you want to make a home-made quadcopter?

If you have some electronic knowledge, you can easily make your own quadcopter. The necessary materials for home-made drone the first;

4 motors, 4 electronic speed controller, a main body of the frame, a flight controller, a receiver transmitter and battery cables. If you need to specify one by one; I use Naza main motor, two black and two white propellers, Spectrum transmitter and Cheetah motors for propellers.

I don’t want to confuse things here by telling you how it’s done individual. If you watch the video very carefully, how i did the main body is merged with the wires in a very detailed way, and that’s the drone has been created, you can see that.

make drone

By spending a little money here that matters to the drone, you have to get the best materials. Naza Motor can be a bit expensive for you, but we can say that a good engine in terms of power. At the end before flying you home-made quadcopter, you can use the Naza assistant software to setup your flight controller download and learn how to install the Naza assistant software.

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