The New Flying Archaeologists; The Drones


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Raul Rojas from Freie Universität Berlin, and Marco Block-Berlitz from Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft from Dresden and than, headed by a team of 14 people in total, if they use the drones on the archaeological excavations, they investigated how it might work. Located in Dresden, the team will explore the archaeological excavations from the Roman period, first started to remove the propellers of drone and put the protection equipment. By replacing the propellers correctly then it is tied to the onboard battery and they use the remote they’ve got it for working with the help of a drone. Now the drone is ready to fly over Dresden on the archaeological excavations.

the drones

When you fly the drone over the archaeological parcels, the overlay technique with a digital camera that uses multiple and overlapping on all topographic elements on the site in as much detail as photographed. The sample was then transferred to the computer these photos and excavation of the field received from the printer parts 3D. These parts are then used to make a scale model of the excavation area. In this way the excavation phases and the layers of the ruins was completely recorded.

Thus, the drones just is not a toy, archaeological excavations and excavations of three-dimensional photography was proven to be a real help.

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