10 Aerial Photography tips – from the Expert


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Today we have an expert on the show, Johnny Shipley. He will be giving aerial photography tips. He’s produced TV shows and movies. He’s used drones in his past but mainly his keen eye for film and knowledge of cinematography is what we will be learning from.

dji Phantom 3 – Epic Footage Review https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mIjVG

Here is a recap of this video:

Johnny shipley introduction 0:25

Why you need to be licensed 0:49

less is more 1:34

lighting 2:12

Extra battery and sd cards 2:34

frame rate tips 3:14

continuity entering/exiting 3:47

Reveals 4:31

Drones aren’t everything 4:52

DroneFilmCamp 5:54


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