Aero-TV: Overgrown Drone? – An eHang 184 Project Update

A Drone on Steroids Leads the Way to Autonomous Human-Carrying Aerial Transportation…

While at the Consumer Electronics Show held in Las Vegas in January 2017, ANN CEO and Editor-In-Chief, Jim Campbell, had an opportunity to check up on what could best be called a drone on steroids, known as the EHang 184. This is the multirotor drone that is designed to carry an individual from one destination to another under complete autonomous control.

Jim met with Derrick Xiong, the Cofounder of EHang Inc. The EHang 184 has actually been in development for a while and Jim’s first questions related to its current status. Xiong explains, in some detail, that while the basic shape and form of the EHang vehicle remains unchanged since last year, numerous improvements and changes have been made. The video goes into details as to what these improvements are.

A big part of their development has been to create an air traffic control system to allow the vehicle to operate in the airspace system. The video goes into detail regarding this system and how it works. It seems that autonomous airborne human transportation takes a lot more than the flying equipment to make it happen.

This video is a fascinating watch!

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