Awesome 4K Drone – Worlds Largest Cruise Ship (Harmony of the Seas)


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Epic 5 mile Drone chase of the Largest Cruise Ship in the World. I got a late start fumbling with my gear and trying to get a live stream going.

I had trouble finding a parking spot. I didn’t get into launch position until the ship was reaching the mouth of Port Everglade (PEV). By the time the Phantom 3 Pro was in the air the Harmony of the Seas, The World’s Largest Cruise Ship, was already 1/2 a mile away. I floored it. Crosswinds limited the Awesome 4K Drone to 26 mph. I flew rapidly at 150ft. I reached the magnificent ship after two minutes of chasing. I took up a position directly of the stern. I ascended to 300ft and executed a 90 degree turn while facing North. I yawed along the Port(Right) side until I got to the bow. Again I made a 90 degree turn to bring the craft facing back East, while travelling backwards.

After I stopped for a few seconds to let the vessel pass, I duplicated the same maneuver to end up at the stern again. I was then able to hover just slightly over the Back, where the Show was going on. The Sunset gently faded throughout the flight. Varying light levels and the beauty of this Fabulous ship made for just stunning views. At the distance warning, I ascended a few more feet and backed off for about a mile, Beautiful, Harmony of the Seas in frame at all time. I flipped it around and flew stright back, passing the Carnival Conquest on it’s way out of port. I landed with 24% left on the battery. A very exciting and scenic flight. You may notice the video is presented with only 1 cut near the end.

Special Thanks to Jahzzar for the Cool Tunes from his Hi-Fi City Tales album.


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