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Technology has no bounds. CES 2016 announced at the show, two new drone model proves it.

One of them, drone DJI Inspire 1 Model. Bright white-bodied, and extremely aesthetically designed with four propeller in this model, 360 degree rotatable camera which is fixed to the body and you will get amazing pictures. This crystal-clear 4K video and 12 MP 1080p stabilized camera, you can take pictures. The most important feature; the drone in the air, when you drawn by hand, the drone is located to the point where coming back.


Another drone; DJI Phantom 3. That drone is available in two models advanced and professional. Advanced model has got silver ribbon and pro model has got gold ribbon with a very aesthetic body. Four propeller mounted direct to the body and the case does not have legs. The body of the camera located under a balcony is contained within. 2.7K video and 12 MP camera in the advanced model while the picture is taken, the professional has got 4K video and 12 MP camera you can take pictures. DJI Inspire returning to the place when on the air is drawn in and released. Their prices are $ 799 for the advanced model, the professional model is $ 1259. At the same time, DJI Phantom 3 at CES 2016, won the award of USA Today Editors Choice.



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