DRONE MODELS 974 Test DJI S800 nacelle AV200 CANON 5D Mark


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First; it is not a simple drone for children actually, it is a Hexacopter. Because it is not a toy. DJI S800 with Canon 5D is designed for amateur photography lovers, professional aerial photography, videography and rescue teams. This drone can go wherever can take part of the propeller.

This hexacopter drone, equipped with a black body and six big propeller. In the body of Hexacopter, under the battery box is located on a large platform attached to the mechanism can move forward and backward and can be placed on a Canon 5D camera. DJI S800 is designed with the strength to carry a Canon 5D. Hexacopter flying is beginning to take excellent images with the camera. Never without a tremor, can pass through the tree branches. the most important thins is; when it got out of the wind, it can be stabilized and not to fall down.


Hexacopter, too high or very close to the surface, it can take a panoramic image by taking, a detailed image you can get. Like a flying bird gliding in the sky with DJI 974 S800 Hexacopter, it is possible to capture photos and videos and panoramic views.

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