Global Drone – GW008 Skull Drone – Review and Flight

Today we are introducing you GW008 Skull Drone. This Quadcopter, developed by Huying, therefore, is a company that specializes in drone huying because my expectations were too high.

GW008 Skull Drone quadcopter looks like really a skull because it has got a skull face on the red body. This almost fits into the palm quadcopter has got 4 rotors. Two of them are red and two of them are white. There’s also domestic flights for propeller protection. This can be remove in the open air. It has a battery box at the bottom of the body, but this Quadcopter is very light, because the batteries are also very light selected.

The red buttons and two arms are on the black remote control quadcopter. They’re related to what is says on the buttons.

We’re moving up and down the left arm to match the controller with the Quadcopter. GW008 had feet into the air out of our hands because it has no legs. Therefore, descending to the ground and the drone is gone, falls.

GW008 floats in the air like a bird which quadcopter is really fast. The rotors makes a noise a bit more, but that’s okay. An ideal first quadcopter for beginners. 30 mt. can go up to a height, and is able to achieve the desired action. On a night flight the lights are on. This really looks like a skeleton drone.

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