GoPro mounted on DJI MAVIC – DJI Karma?


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Let me clear some questions up for you guys.

1. This is not an image quality test. Despite the side by side video, it’s there only to show the viewing angle difference as well as the difference a gimbal makes.

2. I do store my mavic with the gimbal lock on it. I was flying the drone before this video was made and didn’t replace the gimbal lock just to take it back off a few seconds later after I got the shot I wanted.

3. I intentionally left the clear protective housing over the camera. If you read the instruction manual it tells you to leave it on while learning to fly, even though it blocks the cooling intake. This is because it costs nearly $300 to have the gimbal alone replaced. I didn’t want to crash the drone right after takeoff and have a 3 foot crash cost me $300 bucks and two and a half weeks repair time.

4. The wifi on my GoPro was off, but it still wipes out the GPS signal.


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