GW007-1 The DM007 Upgrade Drone


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Now, we are testing GW007-1 quadcopter which was upgrade The DM007 drone.

The differences between the two; GW007-1 in a different type of the body is made of plastic, the propellers are a little higher. At the bottom of the body, two blue, two red lights. The drone’s camera, 2mp. digital camera and a blue light on it. This means the camera rolling when the light is red. The power of the battery installed with the battery cables; 7.4 volts. Therefore, the drone out of the box except for the charger, if you use a lower Powered Charger, lifetime you will need to recharge the drone.

On remote, we have 8 red buttons and two red joysticks. We’re moving the left Joystick up and down to match with the joystick control. However, the drone was not a problem that we put in the ground and the match failed. Take our hands and we try again and match. After you are sure that the camera is in the record, we’re flying the drone. I don’t have much faith in remote at this point.

GW007-1GW007-1 upgrade drone is affected by the wind and wobbles. And it loses the signal again falls. Most of these drones 50-60 mt. height can go to. However, this distance is very short distance, and it is not good for a drone to drop. However, as a toy, suitable for amateurs and those who want to gain experience. Losing the signal to move again because I can’t get too much in the air. He can fly in front of me just now, and it’s funny. Again it fell. Only 4 minutes and 16 seconds on full charge which is very short.


Looks better than the lights on the night flight the lights. Also when the battery is low by flashing warning signal lights.



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