Hands-On with DJI’s Phantom 4 Quadcopter Drone


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In 2015 DJI presented us Phantom 3 Pro Quadcopter drone. It was a very professional drone which has got a perfect panasonic camera you could shoot 4K video and 12 mp. photo and it was very stronger than Phantom 2. We always think after that drone, what will come next? Now, ladies and gentleman; we are exhibiting you DJIPhantom 4 Quadcopter drone… This is the most funniest and safest easiest fly drone that DJI has produce today.

There is several improvements in Phantom 4. The most important is; the battery life. That drone almost flies about 1 hour. It has got new up and down optical censors, new camera and new computer visions too. Like cars, its 4 optical censors says that what lengths between drone to the walls or trees or ground. It is very fast like available for drone racing and very good turns sharp corners. It is a little heavy according to Phantom 3 but it has a new design propellers.

Phantom 4

Its new camera recognizes human body and follow them, there is no need to wear necklaces or bracelets. It knows human body and behaviors. But you should only walk or run slowly, because if you move fast, Phantom 4 can not track you for now. And on remote, there is a pause button. You can pause the drone, when you do not decide what is your move.

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