Huajun W606-3 FPV Altitude Hold Drone Lily Clone Review


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This large 5.8 Ghz FPV quadcopter includes altitude hold feature, and an unusual design similar to the Drone Lily. Its bright lighting makes it a great night flier.

– Altitude hold and one key takeoff and landing.
– 5.8 Ghz FPVsystem. FPV monitor includes ability to change brightness..
– Predicted quadcopter control range of about 200 meters although FPVvideo range seemed to be much less..
– Very unusual design suggestive of the “Drone Lily” quadcopter. Inlcudes aluminum rod arms and plastic disk canopy and motor pods. Entire circumference of center disk is brighly lit, along with each motor pod. Easily seen at night. The front two motor pods are brightly lit white making it easy to maintain orientation at night.
– Includes headless mode and one key return.

– Camera is pointed downward at an extreme angle. Only view of the ground below the quadcopter is visible in FPV and recorded video. This makes FPV flying extremely difficult as the pilot can not see ahead of the quadcopter via video. FPV flying is only possible if following ground cues, such as a road or path. FPV camera may be intended primarily as means to aim camera for selfies or other ground target objects.
– Automatic takeoff and landing with altitude can result in cyclic up and down movement. It’s best to take off manually and then set altitude hold once at desired altitude.
– More than 250 grams. Will require FAA registration.

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