Parrot Expands Minidrone Collection With Five New Models


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Producing toy robots, Parrot Company is expanding their Minidrone collection with five new models. These new models are experts for jumping, flying and landing and moving on water. New properties of these new Minidrone models are also helping the users fly or move in the dark.

Parrot’s new Minidrone models are expanding their collection.

These new models of Minidrones can be controlled by smart phones or tablets using the Parrot’s free and specialized flying application. These new Minidrones are brand new but still have same battery and charging properties like the old ones. Minidrones have 20 minutes of jumping, 7 minutes of moving on water and 9 minutes of flying. These 5 new Minidrone models can reach the speed of 8 miles per hour and can move on the water with the help of their hydrofoil which push the drones across the water. These new Minidrones are merging the collection but still there is no exact release date for them.


Parrot’s Minidrone collection is expanding with 5 new Minidrone models which have the properties of flying, jumping and moving on water. And also these new models help users move in the dark with brand new properties.

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