RC Adventures – Flying RC Drone – Parrot AR 2.0 – An iPad Controlled Wi-Fi Camera Quadcopter

So far, we have watched many drone videos. Which are very small drones, drones that are too large, professional used drones, drones used as a toy… All of them basically had 4 propellers, a body, legs, HD camera and a remote control. There was an LCD screen on the controller was too big and some of them, and some on the iPad as the screen was using it.

Now, RC Adventures Flying RC Drone Parrot AR 2.0 Quadcopter has to offer, we will describe that with no remote controller. Because an iPad via WiFi, also serves as a control. Drone is truly nicely designed, it looks like the American gunship helicopter. Does not have legs, so the body on landing. The iPad’s wifi connection and Free Filght 2.2 application opens. A popup screen controller and the drone is flying.

RC Adventures

Everything is beautiful, but if you need a point; in the air if you are not a professional drone driver, you can’t expect to look at both the iPad and drone control. Because there’s no joysticks on iPad. If your hand slips or you lose control, then your drone falls down. Also the wifi connectivity can be lost. Apart from that, it can’t make a safe landing on the body of the drone. You need to catch the drone in the air. Indeed, this is not very easy.

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