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Today, TUTO HUBSAN X4 H107C the drone model we are promoting.

We’re opening the first box.

What comes in the box; a sleeve mounted propellers 4 drone, Allen key to remove the rotors, a battery, a charging cable and the box turns out that you can see when you invert a propeller protection apparatus. Most people don’t see it because, you have to be very careful. Now we’re going to the execution of the orders for the drone. The first four sleeves on the truth of fan we’ll get out with the help of the key from the box. Our aim is to protection equipment to wear black. The bottom of the fan switch, pop, slide, and propeller turns when we pulled up. Protection apparatus after removing all the screws on the holes, to coincide with the top of the engine, making sure we can put locks firmly into place. In case it isn’t well placed, propeller friction.

Now we put we’ll fit through the rotors. Again a very important point; it is located in the middle of the propeller to the letter, we are careful. At this stage, it doesn’t matter the color of the fan. One of is V, and the other is A. Find the V and A to match and on the arms of the drone you’re wearing. Instead of propellers will drop on the ground. Now the real fun part, which is the elucidation of the truth and we go to the section to be blown away. The apparatus is attached by inserting the end of the battery on the drone. The army of the lights will begin to flash. Control from the button on the front of the device we are bringing to the open position. Turn on lights and a drone Controller recognizes when the burning stops. Drone is now ready for use.


The drone controller allows you to fly on the two rods. Status allows you to fasten the button at the bottom of the rods immediately during the flight. The remote in your hand just send up a drone in your left hand when you move the bar upward. The joystick allows you to move the dragon back and forth in your right hand. Drone has got two sides, infront two eyes, back side is the side with two red lights. The first flight must be on; two red lights facing you, you must place your pants. If you move the remote in your left hand left and right, the drone can rotate around itself. By clicking right button and left button three or four times do you provide vertical and horizontal movement. When the battery flashes it means that the end is over. You need to charge it again immediately. In this way the drones can stay in the air 8-9 min.

The front camera on the right, you make active by pressing the button after inserting the SD memory card. Your camera starts taking shots. There’s a red light during shooting. Press this button again to stop.

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